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  Quality Policy  
  All Biotech products are manufactured to the highest quality.  
  We follow some fundamental guidelines for Quality Assurance and control:  
Sanjeevani Biotech International Limited has adopted the policy to produce pure, safe and effective high quality biologicals and biotherapeutics through recombinant DNA and other appropriate technologies towards the creation of a healthier tomorrow.
Every effort, scientific and technical will be made to comply with the requirements for biologicals and similar products as defined by the World Health Organization and the National Regulatory Authorities. Towards such such a realization, BSanjeevani Biotech is committed to implement and execute quality assurance and control policies in accordance with international requirements.
  Quality Objective  
To emerge as a professionally managed, quality-focused Biotech Company and attain leadership in the manufacture of Biologicals and Biopharmaceuticals at affordable prices through innovative technologies and eco-safe concerns.